• Updated 16.06.2020 08:56
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Foreign market research was conducted for 12 local companies


As reported previously, the Ministry of Economy and the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO) working to expand the export geography of Azerbaijani products, explore opportunities for access to new and existing export markets for non-oil products, research foreign market to promote the "Made in Azerbaijan" brand announced the acceptance of exporters' applications for foreign market research.

The market research was conducted for 12 local companies, based on the results of the competition on exporters' applications and taking into account the specific directions submitted by those business entities. China's dried fruit and wine markets, Kazakhstan's alcoholic beverages market, Russia's dried fruit chips, pomegranate juice, fresh tomatoes, black tea, cherry markets, England's dried dates market, Israel's confectionery market, Belgium's hazelnut market, Saudi Arabia's charcoal market were researched.

The research covers the volume of production, export and consumption of products, growth rates, competitive position of markets, development dynamics, key players, current dynamics, prices and other issues.

The results of market research were presented to these local companies.


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