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Necessary rules and requirements were not observed at 64 facilities


During the monitoring on November 19, conducted by the Ministry of Economy in business entities (with the exception of catering and tourism facilities), cases of violations were identified in Binagadi district, at bakery Dəfnə”, at pharmacy “Aptek” owned by "Zeytun pharmaceuticals” LLC, Nasimi district, at book store “Məntiq”, at grocery store of Shafiga Aliyeva, Khazar district, at trade facility owned by Atif Farziyev, Sabayil district, at furniture store “Akifoğlu mebel”, at store of Fatma Aslanova, Garadagh district, at trade facility of Nijat ALiyev, Nizami district, at stores of Baba Shiraliyev, Tofig Asgarov, Narimanov district, at pet shop “Zoo mağaza” of Fattah Allakhverdiyev, at pharmacy “Aptek” owned by “Dokta” LLC, Yasamal district, at “Araz supermarket” at Elmlar Akademiya, at phone store of Mushfig Azizov, Surakhani district, at stores of Zulfigar Shamilov, Mehriban Asadova, Khatai district, at trade facilities of Sudaba Zamanova, Ilkin Abbasov, Sabunchi district, at men’s clothing store “Kişi geyimləri” of Afig Makhmudov, in Ganja, in a radio store “Radiotexnika mağazası”, at “Proqress market”, in Sumgayit, at perfumery store “Chanel”, at trade facility of Anar Avazov, Absheron district, at stores of Ehtiram Guliyev, Vusal Mammadov, Sabirabad district, at trade facility of Aghashefi Hasanli, Shamkir region, at stores of Khidir Sadigov, Azer Rustamov. In total, violations of the anti-epidemic regime and sanitary and hygienic requirements was detected at 64 facilities.

Measures in accordance with the Code of Administrative Offenses have been taken against business entities committed violations.

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