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Feed processing facility put into operation in JoJug MarJanli


The feeding plant in Jojug Marjanli village of Jabrayil region has started its operation.

Deputy minister Sahib Mammadov gave information about the measures taken in the country on development of the non-oil sector, diversification of the economy, balanced and sustainable development of the regions, and the continuous improvement of the business environment, and the development of entrepreneurship that is one of the priorities of the successful economic policy at the event. It was noted that the implementation of community-based business projects in Jojug Marjanli village of Jabrayil region, the symbol of "Great Return", which was revived by the leader of the state is a significant step in socioeconomic development and employment of Jojug Marjanli.

The head of the Jabrayil District Executive Authority Kamal Hasanov mentioned  the work carried out in Jojug Marjanli and noted that the launch of the feed processing enterprise would contribute to the expansion of livestock and plant husbandry activities.

Speaking at the event, Jojug Margjnli residents expressed their gratitude to the President for the attention and care.

Note: The production area and warehouse for feed processing have been constructed at the feed processing plant built in keeping with the "Social-Economic Development Activity" (SEDA) that financed by the Government of Azerbaijan in tandem with the USA Agency for International Development. The enterprise has seed cleaning, feed grinding, and grass cutting equipment, each of 2 tonnes capacity.

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