Cooperation with economic organizations

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The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)


General information. It was created in 1961. Headquarter is located in Paris. Currently, the Secretary-General of the Organization is Angel Gurria.

Member States. It consists of 36 countries (Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey, US and most EU countries).

Objectives. The main objectives of organization are contributions to world economic development by facilitating sustainable economic growth, employment and living conditions provided by maintaining financial stability in member states.

Cooperation with Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan's cooperation with the organization has been active since 2009 within the framework of the OECD Eastern Europe and South Caucasus Initiative, which is part of the OECD's Eurasian Competitiveness Program. The initiative is in partnership with the EU4Business Initiative and covers 6 countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Armenia).

Cooperation with the European Union and the OECD is being carried out within the framework of the "Green Economy" project in the Eastern Partnership countries.

Regular participation by representatives of the Ministry of Economy is ensured in OECD event "Eurasia Week", which is held every year in Paris. Presentations are made by Azerbaijan at the Business Forum and meetings of the Board of Directors within the Eurasia Week. A delegation from the Ministry of Economy participated in the event held on November 19-21, 2018. The next event is planned to be held in Tbilisi.

Peer Reviews on various topics for member states within the framework of the Eurasian Competitiveness Program are conducted by the OECD. It was agreed to carry out a peer review for Azerbaijan on "Supporting reforms and economic diversification in increasing Competitiveness of SMEs in Azerbaijan" and the peer review was presented during the Eurasian Week on November 19-21, 2018.

The final reports entitled "Accelerating diversification through strengthening entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan" and "Linking domestic suppliers with foreign investors: A study of the food processing situation" were presented by the Azerbaijani delegation at the Eurasia Week in Paris on 19 November 2018.

On May 5, 2020, a video conference was held between Deputy Minister of Economy Rovshan Najaf and Head of the Eurasia Division of the OECD William Tompson. The existing cooperation between the organization and our country, as well as possible ways of OECD participation in the urgent measures to be taken in Azerbaijan to implement a new model of economic growth in the post-pandemic period was discussed at the video conference.

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