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Development of agrarian sector

During January-December of 2013, total agricultural output value at current prices amounted to 5244.6 million and it increased by 4.9%, including by 4.2% on plant products, 5.5% on livestock products compared to the same period of last year.
In January-December, 573.4 million or 3.2 percent of total funds in fixed capital was directed to agriculture, forestry, and fishing. During this period 1073.7 thousand hectares of winter and spring cereals and leguminous plants was reaped. 2961.9 thousand tons grain were harvested from the field. The average productivity was 27.6 quintals per hectare. Grain production increased by 5.7 percent or 159.7 thousand tons compared with the corresponding period of 2012.
Winter and spring what grain occupies an important place in cereals and legumes. Thus, the production of 1898.1 thousand tons of grain or grain products or 64.1 percent was wheat.
992.7 thousand tons potato, 1232.8 thousand tons vegetable, 852.9 thousand tons fruit and berry, 429.7 thousand tons market garden crops, 154.1 thousand tons grape, 0.567 tons green tea leaf, 3.5 tons tobacco, 181.4 thousand tons sugar beet were gathered.
Production of potato increased by 2.5% compared to the corresponding period of last year, production of vegetable – 1.4%, fruit and berry – 5.3%, market garden crops – 0.4%, grape –2.1%, sugar beet – 3.2%.
2.5 percent compared to the same period last year, the production of potato, vegetable production and 1.4 per cent, 0.4 per cent of the production of melon, fruit and berry production, 5.3 percent, and 2.1 percent in the production of grapes, sugar beets collected 3.2 percent more.
In January-December 2013, 44.8 thousand tons of raw cotton and 3.5 thousand tons of tobacco leaves were gathered.
1088.2 thousand hectares was plowed for winter crops.66.0 percent or 646.3 thousand hectares of grain crop was wheat planting area. The number of cattle and livestock products is growing rapidly.
There were 2728.7 thousand head of horned cattle, including 1311.7 thousand head of cows and buffaloes, 8770.9 thousand sheep and goats in the country. Compared with the corresponding period of 2012, a number of cattle increased by 29.3 thousand (1.1 percent), the number of cows and buffaloes by 17.0 thousand (1.3 percent), while the number of sheep and goats increased by 83.2 thousand (1.0 percent).
During this period 514.4 thousand ton live weight meat, 1820.5 thousand tons milk, 1401.5 million unit eggs, 16.8 thousand tons wool was produced. Production of meat increased by 4.2%, production of milk – 5.9%, production of egg – 14.2%, wool – 1.9%.

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