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The Volunteers of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency provided support to the farmers


Harvesting has started at the lavender farm located in the village of Chukhur Gabala, Gabala region with the support and services of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Development Agency (KOBİA) under the Ministry of Economy. Volunteers from KOBİA's Gabala-Oguz “SME Friend” office and Gabala Youth Development and Career Center participated in the process of gathering the crops at the lavender farm, which covers an area of ​​10 hectares

Volunteers who got acquainted with the activities of the lavender farm have also received information about the farm itself and products made from lavender. By participating in the lavender harvesting, the volunteers gained practical skills in this field, as well as demonstrated public support for the development of this field.

It should be noted that the volunteers of “SME Friend” offices operating in about 20 cities and regions of the country will be visiting various farms during the harvest period, will get a chance to gain practical knowledge from entrepreneurs, as well as participate in the harvesting process.

For information: KOBİA provided consulting services to the lavender farm located in Chukhur Gabala village on obtaining relevant certificates, sales coordination, finding local partners, as well as state support mechanisms for entrepreneurs.

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