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The production process has begun at enterprises established with the support of the SME Development Agency (KOBİA)


On the territory of the residential complex "Qobu Park 3", enterprises for the production of toys and medical supplies, established with the support of the Agency for the Development of Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) under the Ministry of Economy, began to function.

About 1,000 soft toys of up to 15-20 items and 500 plastic toys of 10 items are produced daily at the toy manufacturing enterprise. And, 600-700 units of outerwear for medical staff and patients, 150-200 units of sterile surgical sets, about 5,000 medical masks, 100-150 thousand shoe covers and other medical textiles are produced daily at the enterprise for the production of medical supplies.

Products manufactured by these enterprises will soon go on sale under the brands “Tutu Toys” and “Gill med”.

Currently, 10 employees are employed at the toy manufacturing enterprise, and about 20 employees at the medical products manufacturing enterprise. The employees of these enterprises are refugees and internally displaced persons living in the "Qobu Park 3" residential complex. After the completion of the process of settlement of the residential complex, the number of employees at the toy manufacturing enterprise will be increased to 40, and at the medical accessories manufacturing enterprise to 80. In general, 80% of the personnel of enterprises will consist of refugees and internally displaced persons.

It should be noted, that KOBİA provided the relevant support, such as conducting internal market research in the areas of business planning, registration and organization, development of business plans, organization of training for staff, access to financial resources, to entrepreneurs to establish both enterprises. These enterprises are exempted from rental costs.

Both enterprises are social and business oriented. In the future, it is planned to export the products of these enterprises to foreign markets.

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