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Development of non-oil sector


As a result of purposeful and consistent economic policy, country's development has become sustainable in recent years. Thus, the non-oil sector growth by 7.9%, as well as, area of information and communication-29.7%, transport and storage household - 4.3%, the construction increased by 20.3% in 2010, compared to 2009.

Last year 6.2% increase was recorded in the non-oil industries.

Results of the 2005-2010-years analysis show that, during this period, beside the overall economic development, the non-oil sector has also sustainable developed and non-oil GDP had relatively stable growth rate.

The real growth rates of GDP and non-oil GDP for 2005-2010-years are followed in the below schedule


Figure 1. Dynamics of GDP production, %

Investments worth 9715.2 mln. AZN were laid to the fixed capital from all financing sources into development of economic and social sectors of country in 2010 that exceeds the indicators of 2009 by 21,2%. 75.2% of the total amount fall at domestic investments, 24.8% at foreign investments. 69.7% of the total investments directed to fixed capital, had been used in the development of the non-oil section, including 12.2% in the non-oil industry, 30.3% in the oil section.

Results of the analysis for 2005-2010 show that, significant growth has been observed in the private weight of the investments directed to the non- oil sector in the structure of investments made to the economy in recent years.


Figure 2. The dynamics of the investments directed to country's economy, mln. AZN

The volume of goods and services produced in the country's industry by the economic subjects increased by 27.4% to 2.6 billion AZN in 2010 compared to the previous year.

Production of industry products grew by 1,7% in oil sector and 6,6% in non-oil sector.

Non-oil industry shares 9.1% of value added created last year in the non-oil sector. Thus, 6.2% real growth were registered and created 1687.5 million. AZN value add on non-oil industry in 2010

75.8% of industrial products were produced in mining section, 19.1% in manufacturing section, 4.5% in electric power, gas, steam and condensate air supply section, 0.6% in water supply, in treatment of dirty water and waste.

50.8 million ton oil and 16.7 billion cubic meters of marketable gas were produced in mining section during 2010.

The production of food products increased by 2.4%, beverage11.8%, processing of wood furniture and wood products industry-7.5%, paper and paperboard production - 25.5%, printing and transferring of writing data carriers - 10%, oil products - 8.8%, production of chemical products -16.2%, metallurgy industry products - 44.6%, electric equipment production - 82,8%, production of machinery and equipment - 1.9 times, vehicles, trailers and semi-production - 48 , 4 times.

17.6 billion Kw.hours of electric power was produced country's power stations over the year.

Last year, the value of agricultural total output in current prices were 3877.7 million AZN and decreased by 2.2% as well as vegetable products decreased by 8.9%, animal products 6.1%,compared to 2009. Except grain and potatoes products, livestock and crop production increased in comparison with 2009.


Total products for agriculture, forestry and fishing


Product name

January- December


Sum- products for agriculture, forestry and fishing



















4.6% (441,9 million. manat) of all funds aimed to fixed capital were spent to the development of agriculture, forestry and fishery sector in 2010.

2000,9 thousand tons of grain and grain beans products were collected from 966.7 thousand hectares of wheat area (also including corn) in 2010. 1308.9 thousands shades (65,4%) of grain and grain leguminous plants production were autumn and spring wheat, 136.1 thousand (6.8%) tone were maize. Wheat was cultivated in the 660.5 thousand hectares (72,2%) of sown area of autumn grain, while barley were 254.7 thousand hectares (27%). The sown area of wheat increased by 0.2%, sown area of barley grew by 2.2%.compared to the same period of 2009

953.7 thousand tons of potato, 1181.1 thousand tons of vegetables, 433.5 thousand tons of melons, 256.6 thousand tons of sugar beet, 37.3 thousand tons of cotton, 3.2 tons of tobacco, 729. 3 tons of fruit and berries, 544.9 tons of grapes and 129.5 tons of green tea leaves were gathered from the sown areas in last year.

The number of cattle in the field of livestock and livestock products is dynamic increasing.

There were 2637.4 thousands of cattle, including 1272.8 thousands of cows and buffaloes, 8463.1 thousands of sheep and goats in the country during the reporting period. The number of cattle increased 26.6 thousand, the number of cows and buffaloes - 9.3 thousand, sheep and goats-53.2 thousand compared to 2009.

Last year, 440 thousand ton of meat in live weight, 1529.2 thousand ton of milk, 15.6 million ton of wool and 1178.6 eggs were produced in the country.

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