• Updated 04.07.2020 18:48
  • Created 03.07.2020 10:30

It is important to comply with the rules of the quarantine regime in business entities


The Ministry of Economy has tightened control over compliance with the special quarantine regime, the necessary rules of social behavior and sanitary and epidemiological requirements in business entities.

During the monitoring conducted on July 2, the cases of non-compliance with the rules of trade and necessary social behavior and sanitary-epidemiological requirements, were identified at 338 facilities out of 532 covered by the monitoring. In a number of business entities, where it was possible to eliminate the cases of violations, appropriate warnings were made. In relation to the owners, in the facilities of which serious violations of the established rules and requirements were committed, appeals were sent to the relevant authorities to apply more stringent measures. During the monitoring events the entrepreneurs were informed about the need to use protective equipment, maintaining the rules of social distance by sellers and consumers, limiting consumer access to markets and the need to supply the shopping centers with disinfectants. Entrepreneurs have been warned that in case of violation of quarantine rules serious measures would be taken.

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