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Development of social sectors


Employment and unemployment: Number of economically active population was 4757.8 thousands and 4521.2 thousands of them engaged in different spheres of the economic and social unit in the country for January 1, 2014.
For the state of 1st December, number of employees engaged in the country economy were 1505.9 thousand person and 901.8 thousand of them were the employees of state sector of economy and 604.1 thousand were the employees of non-state sector. Moreover, 37.5 thousand employees were engaged in oil sector, and 1454.4 thousand people in non-oil sector. 1449.6 thousand of employees were involved in non-agriculture sector.
22.7% of employees of the service area concentrated at the field of education, 18.8% at the trade, repair of motorcycles and motor vehicles, 8.7% at the area of rendering of health and social services to the population, 7.1% at the construction, 4.9% at the transport and storage facilities, 3.8% at the recreation, arts and entertainment area, 2.9% in agriculture, forest industry and fishing area, 2.5% in the mining industry, 3.7% at the professional, scientific and technical activity, 1,8% at the information and communication.
Number of persons were given the official status of unemployed by the state employment service agencies was 36.2 thousands of people, 41.5 per cent of them were women for January 1, 2014. The average amount of payment for unemployment was 268.5 manats.
Incomes of the population. The income of population was amounted 37.6 billion AZN growing by 8.0% in compared to 2013. The income per capita of the country's population was amounted 4039.6 AZN and per month average volume was 336.6AZN.
64.3% of revenues were spent for final consumption, 8.3% for taxes, social insurance and payment of volunteer membership fees and 1.8% were directed to credit and 25.6% for savings.
Income remaining on the disposal of the population was accounted 34.5 billion AZN that exceeds by 8.0% the indicator of the previous year.
Salary: During January-November of 2013 the average of employees' monthly wage increased approximately 6.6% and reached to 419.0 AZN compared to the appropriate period of previous year.
Compared to other types of activities average monthly wage/salary was higher in mining industry, in finance and insurance activity, in information and communication, in professional, scientific and technical sphere, in construction and in the field of administrative and subsidiary services.
Demography: According to preliminary data, the number of population was 9477.1 thousand increasing by 120.6 thousand person or 1.3% for the beginning of 2014. 53.1 percent of the population settled down in the cities, 46.9 per cent in rural areas.
There are 1012 women per 1000 men.
Social security: According to the preliminary data, the number of pensioners was amounted 1275.2 people (13.6% of population) at the beginning of 2013. The average amount of fixed monthly pensions reached to 170.5 AZN that was amounted 40.3% of average salary.
316.8 thousands of people were received social grants, 35.2 thousands people were granted a scholarship for outstanding services to Azerbaijan Republic and 615.2 thousands of family were got a targeted state social assistance.
Health: During last decade repair and construction works carried out in nearly 500 medical institutions. 70% of them fell in the share of the regions. During 2013, 80.1 mllion manat was spent in the execution of state programs.
In 2014 it is intended to allocate 86 million AZN for this sector.
Ecology: There are 11 state reserves, 9 national parks, and 24 game reserves with an area of 209.3 thousand hectares, 322.3 thousand hectares, and 365.2 thousand hectares respectively in the country for the purpose of preservation and reproduction of flora and fauna.
Last year, 842 officials and civils involved in administrative proceedings were fined in the amount of 1344.6 thousand manat for breach of nature protection legislation.
Education: As a result of the successful reforms in the education system, the educational level of the population is increasing year by year, and 969 of every 1000 of the population at the age of 15 and over have a university, college, and secondary education degree.
According to preliminary data, 15.05 percent of 112 thousand children aged 1-5 years are educated in 1637 state and 40 non-state preschool educational institution operating in the country for January 1, 2014.
For the beginning of the 2013-2014 academic year 1.3 million students studied in 4477 state and 28 non-state full-time general educational institutions.
For the beginning of the 2013-2014 academic year 63.3 thousand students studied in secondary specialized educational institutions operating in the country and two-thirds of them were women.
4374 forein citizens from 54 counties study in higher education institutions of the country, along with the Azerbaijanies. The people from Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Russia, Turkmenistan, China and Iran are dominated among the foreign students.
The number of students studying abroad was 3035. The majority of students are studying in higher education institutions in Turkey and Russia.
Science. Special attention and support is paid to the development of science in the country and National Strategy on the development of science in Azerbaijan in the 2009-2015" is successfully implemented by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
At the beginning of 2014, 140 scientific organizations and enterprises operated in the country. 21.6 thousand specialists deal with scientific research in these institutions.
Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences consists of 52 academicians and 100 corresponding members.
Culture. One of the main priorities of the state policy is strengthening the material-technical base of the cultural centers, as well as maintenance of historical - cultural, literary, artistic and scientific and philosophical heritage.
Today, there are 3389 public libraries, 2747 clubs, 227 museums, 28 theaters and 347 parks in Azerbaijan.
Sport. 2013 was a successful year for the sport of Azerbaijan. The victories won at the Olympic Games in 2012 continued in 2013.
280 of 782 medals earned in various international competitions were gold, 233 silver and 269 bronze standard. At the same time, the four athletes in Olympic sports had become a world champion.
2014 will be a decisive year in preparation for the European Games. At present, the 65 thousand seats Baku Olympic stadium, Baku Aquatic Center, Gymnastics Center, Skeet Shooting Center are constructed.

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