• Updated 30.07.2020 00:33
  • Created 28.07.2020 12:40

New resident of Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park - CJSC "Glassica"


In accordance with the successful policy of industrialization, conducted in our country, Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park continues creating new industries, organizing the production of competitive and export-oriented companies.

As a result of this activity, a new resident - CJSC “Glassica" was registered in the Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park. The number of residents of the Industrial Park reached 22.

CJSC "Glassica" will build a plant on the territory of the Industrial park, for the production of color glass containers (bottles) of different types based on the technology of "HORN Glass Industries AG" which has a 125-year experience in German glass technology. The investment cost of the project is more than 20 million manat.

The enterprise will create about 70 permanent jobs.

Besides meeting the needs of the domestic market, the products will be exported to foreign countries under the brand "Made in Azerbaijan".

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