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  • Published 07.04.2018 13:30

The next greening campaign in Balakhani Landfill

1000 trees were planted


The next tree-planting campaign was organized at the Balakhani Landfill by the “Tamiz Shahar” JSC and the Ministry of Economy on the initiative of the IDEA Public Union, and 1000 fruit trees were planted at the landfill on April 7.

A special irrigation system has been established in the area, and employees of “Tamiz Shahar” JSC will regularly take care of these trees.

Till 2009, landfill area was just an open uncontrolled dump site which was covered by a cloud of putrid smoke of burning waste. The recent years this dump site has been changed into beautiful area with greenery and trees. With the inception of the activities by “Tamiz Shahar” JSC, unpleasant burning and smoke of waste was eliminated. Currently, wastewater is recycled in technical water and used for irrigation after being processed from the special filters, and used to water trees.

Greening actions at the landfill area has become a tradition and the Ministry of Economy and “Tamiz Shahar” JSC jointly hold tree-planting campaign in this area. More than 10 thousand trees have been planted till the present at the Balakhani Landfill.

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