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Development of trade and service sectors


Value-added AZN 2.7 billion  (6.6%)  has been created in the trade and services area of the composition of GDP at the results of the 2010. The real amount of value added increased by 8.8% in comparison with 2009. The private weight of value added created in the trade and service area of the non-oil GDP (18442,7 mln. AZN) increased relatively from 14.2% to 14.9%.

Last year was established 4296 a new entity with various forms of ownership that, trade and service sector shares 27.7% of them. The most part of individual entrepreneurs (42.5%) functioned in the field of trade and services during the reporting period. Throughout this period, 2.4% of all fixed capital funds have been spent on trade and service sectors that this is 34.4% more (in comparable prices) compared to 2009.

During the reporting period, the volume of rendered services and goods sold to the population in the country's trade and service networks increased by 9.4% to 18404 million AZN, as well as retail trade turnover increased by 9% to 13679.5 mln. AZN, paid services increased by10.8% to 4724.5 million, compared to 2009. 74.3% of the growth was provided by the trade, 25.7% by the paid services to the population.

3.1% of the total volume of retail trade turnover covered by the turnover of catering enterprises, 417.8 million. manat amounted  catering services shown to the population (16.3% more compared to 2009) in 2010. zThe volume of turnover on  private catering institutions increased by 17.4% to 407.3 million. AZN.

74.4% of the real growth of retail trade turnover was covered by the legal entities and by trade and public catering enterprises of individual entrepreneurs without created legal entity, 25.6% created due to the trade activities of  fair and markets. During the past period the volume of food products sold to the population increased by 7.5% to 8796.1 million AZN, the volume of non-food goods increased by 13.8% to 4883.4 million AZN. Last year, 4724.5 million AZN or 10,8% more paid services provided to the population, compared to 2009. 56.7% of the growth was by the activity of the enterprises of legal entities and the volume of paid services rendered to the population by the enterprises of this sector increased by 7.6% to 3680.3 million AZN compared to 2009.

Achievements in the field of trade and services directly connected with the social well-being, growth in incomes of the population. By comparing with 2009, the nominal income of the population increased by 13.3% reached to 25.6 billion, per capita income of the country's population grew by 11,9% to 2866 AZN at the end of the 2010.


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