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Development of transport and communication sectors


On January-June of 2011 99,6 mln. tons of load was transported with all types of transport that exceeds  indicators for relevant period of 2010 by 5,7% (5,4 mln. ton). Volume of load transported via sea transport increased by 12,6%, air transport, 33,6%, vehicle transport 9,3%, the pipeline 1,6%, as well as gas pipeline transport by 4,4% and 8,8%, apparently.

During the reporting period 30,9 mln. tons of load transported by pipeline transport, including 23,8 mln tons (99,7%) by oil pipeline and 7,1 mln. ton or 9,8 billion m3 (108,8%) by gas pipeline. Simultaneously, waste 18,2 mln. ton of crude oil exported by the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan main oil export pipeline that exceeds the previous years' indicator by 4,5%.  Exported oil by the Baku-Novorossiysk export pipeline in the direction of Dubandi-Sumgayit-Siyazan-Shirnovka exceeds the indicator of previous year by 1089,8 thousand tons or 3,9%.

At the result of increasing of production of natural gas from Shah Deniz field the volume of natural gas transported by the North Caucasus Pipeline via the Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum route increased and was amounted 8,8% growth by the gas pipeline system during the reporting period.

Passengers number of 699,4 mln. (Exceeds indicator of previous year by  6,5%) were transported by all types of transport in the first half of 2011. Total grows of passengers' transportation is the result of the increasing of the services provided by automobile and air by 8,1% and 37,2% relevantly.

Volume of transportation service was amounted 1882,7. AZN in the I half of this year that exceeds the previous year's level by 8,5%. This growth was happened due to the increase of services provided by automobile, marine, air, oil and gas pipeline transport.

During the reporting period the volume of information and communication services provided in the telecommunications sector increased by 14,4% to 562,2 mln. compared to appropriate period of 2010. The volume of communication services provided to the population rose by 18,4%  reached to 412,7 mln. AZN.  Non-state sector shares 76,2% of communications services.

It should be noted that the observed increase in this sector was due to the growth of services rendered by the private mobile operators.


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