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Development of trade and service sectors


Value-added worth AZN 3058.2million (7.2%) were created in the trade and services area in January-September of 2013.
Real volume of value-added increased by 9.6%compared to January-September of 2012.
Special weight of value added in the composition of non-oil GDP (23879.3) created in the services area on trade and vehicles was 12.8%.
0.8% (99.6 million AZN) of all fixed capital funds was spent on trade and service sectors. 18.8% of employees were assembled in trade and vehicles sectors.
Last year was established 4296 a new entity with various forms of ownership that, trade and service sector shares 27.7% of them
During the reporting period, the number of enterprises was 83590 increased by 5.9 per cent. The number of individual entrepreneurs without created legal entity was more than 452 thousand.
During this period, in amount of 13.9 milliard manat consumer goods were sold to population. Retail commodity turnover increased by 9.6%. The volume of foodstuffs sold to the population in retail trade network increased by 1.0% and reached at 7198.2 million manat, the volume of non-foodstuffs was 6669.6 million manat increasing by 21.3%.
Over past period of 2013, the volume of electron trade was 1799.2 thousand manat in retail trade turnover, 84.7 per cent of the sale of consumer goods on e-trade was carried out in trade enterprises of the legal entities, 15.3 per cent in trade enterprises of physical entities.
91.3 per cent of E-commerce trade turnover was the sale of the non-food products.
The catering services over 18.8 per cent or in the amount 538.3 million manat were rendered to the population in January-September of 2013.
The paid services worth AZN 4456.9 million (or 7.2% more than the indicator of the previous year) were rendered to the population in 2013.
Achievements in the field of trade and services directly connected with the social well-being, growth in incomes of the population. At the result of the increasing of the population's revenue the turnover of retail trade and service significantly increased.

Commodity turnover and paid service: During the year in amount of 13.9 milliard manat consumer goods were sold and in amount of 4.5 milliard manat paid services were rendered to population. Retail commodity turnover increased by 9.6%, volume of paid services – 7.2%.
Foreign trade. According to the data of State Customs Committee during January-August, 2013 in amount of 23.1 milliard dollars trade operations were carried out with 144 countries of the world, its 88.8 % or 20.5 milliard dollars were carried out with far foreign countries, 2.6 milliard dollars with CIS member countries.
During eight months of the year in amount of 16.0 milliard dollars goods was exported, 94.5% or 15.1 milliard dollars of it were sent to far foreign countries, 0.9 milliard dollars or 5.5% to CIS member countries.
Value of imported products was 7.1 milliard dollars, as well as, volume of imported goods from far foreign countries – 5.4 milliard dollars, import from CIS member countries – 1.7 milliard dollars.
During eight months in amount of 8.8 milliard dollars as well as 9.7 milliard dollars positive balance was created with far foreign countries and in amount of 852.4 million dollars negative balance was created with CIS member countries.
Taking into account data received from State Oil Company and AIOC on export of crude oil and gas foreign trade turnover was formed 29.1 milliard dollars (as well as 22.0 milliard dollars export) and in amount of 14.9 milliard dollars positive balance was created.
During January-August in amount of 16.1 million dollars humanitarian and technical aid was received.
Consumer prices and service tariffs. The prices of consumer gods and service tariffs increased by 0.1% in September compared to August, as well as, prices of food products – 0.1%, prices of non-food products – 0.2% and service tariffs remained at the level of the previous month. During the year prices and tariffs increased by 2.3% compared to January-September, 2012, as well as, prices of food products – 2.2%, prices of non-food products – 0.5%, service tariffs – 3.4%.

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