New residents in Aghdam Industrial Park

More than 130 permanent jobs will be created as a result of the realization of the projects of the newly registered residents of Aghdam Industrial Park with a total investment of 36 million manats


2 more business entities were granted residency status in Aghdam Industrial Park, which is administered by the Economic Zones Development Agency (EZIA) under the Ministry of Economy, thus the number of residents of the Industrial Park reached 14.

A new resident - "Karabagh Steel" LLC will build a plant for the production of pipe and box profiles with an investment cost of 32.4 million manats on the 5-hectare territory of the Industrial Park. In addition to sale of the products manufactured in the enterprise, which will provide permanent employment to 94 people, it is also planned to export them abroad.

Another new resident of Aghdam Industrial Park, "Thermo Natural Azerbaijan" LLC, will build a plant for the production of gypsum, exterior plaster, filler and insulation materials on the territory of 1 hectare of the Industrial Park. The products to be produced in the enterprise, the investment cost of which will be 3.5 million manat and which will employ 37 people, will be aimed at meeting the needs of the domestic market.