Members of Public Council under the Economy Ministry met with STS leadership

On March 31, the Head of the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy, Orkhan Nazarli, met with members of the Public Council under the Ministry of Economy. The meeting discussed the activities of the State Tax Service and issues of interest in the field of taxation, the activities of the Public Council and the contribution that it can make to the process of public participation.

Greeting the participants, the Head of the State Tax Service Orkhan Nazarli shared his views on cooperation with the Public Council, and made the participants aware of reforms in the tax system, digital capabilities of the Service, and the main directions of tax policy in the medium term. It was reported that the Public Council, established under the Ministry of Economy, is an institution that will make a significant contribution to ensuring public participation in the activities of the Ministry and institutions included in its structure. The effective performance of the Council has an important role to play in ensuring transparency and public control in the activities of executive authorities. Emphasizing the benefits of the Public Council and public cooperation, the STS Head noted that the Service has extensive experience in working with business associations, public unions and experts. Orkhan Nazarli further noted that public consultations have always been given importance when carrying out reforms related to reducing the scale of the shadow economy, ensuring transparency in state-business relations, as well as in the process of improving tax legislation.

“Modern digital tools and analytical potential are available in STS, and digital innovations are envisaged in the field of taxpayer services in the future. The State Tax Service is closely analyzing economic processes, especially the transparency indicators in the economy. In recent years, various digital tools have been used to analyze and determine the risk levels of taxpayer transactions, with particular emphasis on the process of active digitalization of tax administration. A number of innovations were introduced in the field of taxpayer services in 2022, and they are mostly aimed at simplifying the process of fulfilling tax obligations of small and medium-sized businesses and submitting tax reports”, Orkhan Nazarli voiced.

Rector of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics Adalat Muradov spoke about the significance of the Council in terms of the development of public life and the main directions of its activity. It was reported that the activities of the Council mainly consist in strengthening relations with society, establishing a healthy dialogue, and taking into account public opinion and the interests of citizens when making decisions. Currently, the Council has four Working Groups to ensure transparency, accountability, communication with professional associations, NGOs, and preparation and summarization of feedbacks and proposals.

The event continued with discussions, and exchange of views on issues of concern to members of the Public Council, as well as covering various aspects of taxation. Among the members of the Council, Zakir Nuriyev, Chairman of Azerbaijan Banks Association, Deputy Chairman of the Public Council, shared his opinion on tax issues in the banking sector, Farhad Garashov, Chairman of the Azerbaijan Pomegranate Producers and Exporters Association, Council Secretary – on a number of difficulties faced by agricultural producers, Sakina Babayeva, Chairman of "Association for the Development of Women's Entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan" Public Union – on issues related to tax accounting, registration of profit and expenses, Rashad Hasanov, Chairman of "Center for Economic and Social Development" Public Association – on the tax incentives necessary for the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, Alimammad Nuriyev, Head of the Transparency-Azerbaijan Anti-Corruption Public Association – on tax accounting for micro-entrepreneurship, and Elnur Azadov, Head of “Association of Realtors” Public Union – on the existing difficulties in the field of real estate rental.

Relevant comments were given by the Head of the State Tax Service Orkhan Nazarli, the Deputy Head of the Service Samira Musayeva, the Head of the Main Department for Declarations and Desk Tax Audit Supervision Zaur Fatizade, as well as other senior officials of the State Tax Service on the issues raised, and it was decided to continue efforts on a number of proposals in the framework of joint cooperation with members of the Council.

Chairman of the Public Council Adalat Muradov expressed confidence that the Council's effective performance would benefit business and society, and appreciated the fruitful cooperation.

Remind that the Public Council under the Ministry of Economy was established on July 10, 2021 by the relevant order of the Minister of Economy in order to ensure the participation of citizens and civil society institutions in the adoption of legal acts on the lines and areas of activity of the Ministry and in the organization of public control in accordance with the Law "On Public Participation".