United Nations Development Program

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) was launched in 1965 by the United Nations Technical Assistance Enlargement Program and the United Nations Special Fund;

Headquarters are located in New York City, United States;

The administrator of the UNDP is Achim Steiner since June 19, 2017. UNDP is operational in 177 countries around the world.



Information about cooperation between Azerbaijan and the organization

  • UNDP is operational in the Republic of Azerbaijan since 1992 and is the first UN organization to function in the country after its accession to the United Nations.
  • Currently, UNDP's key activities in the country cover sustainable economic development and decent employment, human capital strengthening, environmental governance, and natural disasters and emergencies. Currently, 26 projects are under implementation in these areas.

Current projects:

  • Development of Innovation and Employment in Azerbaijan;
  • Creation of inclusive and decent workplaces for Socially Vulnerable Groups of the population;
  • Modernization of ICT infrastructure and services in the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • "EU4Climate" regional project;
  • Support to the Ministry of Health in strengthening the medical supply system in Azerbaijan;
  • Assistance in the planning and implementation of adaptation in Azerbaijan within the framework of the National Adaptation Plan;
  • Support for community-based initiatives led by women (phase III);
  • Vocational Education and Training for the Future: Support for the Creation of Advanced Vocational Education Centers in Azerbaijan" project;
  • Economic Support for Entrepreneurship and Employment (gender-based violence component);
  • UNDP support project for strengthening and expanding demining potential in Azerbaijan;
  • Accelerator Laboratory;
  • Sustainable, integrated and gender-based financial framework technical support project for non-oil Azerbaijan;
  • Development of innovation-based and sustainable civil society in Azerbaijan;
  • Support for the development of sustainable tourism in the regions;
  • "EU4Majors" regional project
  • Provision of early recovery assistance for the protection, means of livelihood and economic security of the population affected by the conflict in Azerbaijan;
  • Empowerment of women belonging to the vulnerable groups affected by the conflict in Azerbaijan and creation of equal opportunities for them in order to overcome the obstacles that prevent the increase of economic and social participation;
  • Energy efficiency in the cities of Ganja and Barda;
  • Promotion of competitiveness, cooperation and modernization in the fruit and vegetable sector in Lankaran economic region;
  • Actualization of the approach based on human rights through the strengthening of institutional potential in Azerbaijan;
  • Creation of an electronic construction control system;
  • Socio-economic impact of the Ukrainian crisis;
  • Romanian Government Support for Education;
  • NextGen;
  • Women's Economic Empowerment II in Azerbaijan;
  • Support for the safe return of IDPs through Capacity Building of the Demining Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ANAMA);