Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Name of the organization

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

General information about the organization

· Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) was established in 1945;

· FAO’s headquarters are located in Rome, Italy;

· The current Director-General, Qu Dongyu, assumed his duties on June 23, 2019;

· It is a specialized agency of the UN tasked with carrying out individual and collective activities to enhance the provision of agricultural products to the population. Additionally, it coordinates the efforts of intergovernmental organizations on agricultural development issues. FAO is operational in 191 countries. FAO has delegations in over 130 countries.

Information about cooperation between Azerbaijan and the organization

· Azerbaijan has been a member of FAO since October 20, 1995;

· The Project Coordination Office of the FAO in Azerbaijan has been operational since 2007;

· The duties of the Project Coordination Office have been carried out by Partnerhsip and Liaison Office in Azerbaijan since autumn 2015;

· During its membership in the FAO, the Government of Azerbaijan received support from the FAO for the implementation of various development and emergency preparedness projects in order to increase productivity in agriculture, as well as to implement and accelerate agricultural reform and to address a number of challenges to food security in the country;

· Currently FAO is implementing 19 projects in Azerbaijan.

  • Current projects:

- Support for Structural Reform and Strategic Development of Agrarian Services Agency;

- Improvement of Seed and Agro-Chemical Lab and Certification Services under Agrarian Services Agency;

- Project Preparation and Visibility Activities for FAO Azerbaijan Partnership Programme;

- Black Sea Economic Cooperation Regional Cooperation Center for Sustainable Food Systems;

- Development of the agricultural land market in order to solve the problem of land abandonment and improve land consolidation procedures;

- Improving the efficiency of livestock production to reduce greenhouse gas emission intensity;

- Supporting water policy in the agro-food sector of Central Asia with an emphasis on the Impact of Climate Change;

- Strengthening regional collaboration and national capacities for management of wheat rust diseases;

- Lifecycle Management of Pesticides and Disposal of POPs Pesticides in Central Asia countries, Türkiye and Azerbaijan;

- Capacity Building for Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Management in Central Asia, Azerbaijan and Türkiye - FISHCap;

- Conservation and Sustainable use of Biodiversity: Strengthening network of protected areas through advanced governance and management;

- Forest Restoration Improvement for Environmental Development and Sustainability;

- Reducing risks of locust disasters in Caucasus and Central Asia;

- Towards Land Degradation-Neutral Azerbaijan;

- Strengthen capacities and information base for the management of key forest pests and diseases;

- Support the implementation of the Smart Village concept in an integrated community development;

- Promote agricultural cooperatives for increased market competitiveness;

- Exploring the employment opportunities for improvement of the rural livelihoods.

- Assessment of needs and opportunities for enhanced collaboration.