Entrepreneur interest in industrial zones is growing

Two years have passed since the establishment of the Economic Zones Development Agency (EZDA). The agency was established by the Decree of the head of state of January 22, 2021 "On measures to improve the management of industrial parks, industrial districts and agricultural parks".

30 economic entities with an investment volume of more than 246 million manats have been granted residency status in the industrial zones under the management of the agency since its establishment. More than 2,800 workplaces are expected to be created as part of projects to be implemented by these residents. 12 of 30 business entities were registered as residents from Aghdam Industrial Park, 2 from "Araz Valley Economic Zone" Industrial Park, 10 from Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park, 1 from Pirallahi Industrial Park, 3 from Hajigabul Industrial District, 1 from Masalli Industrial District, 1 from Sabirabad Industrial District.

Projects will be implemented by these residents in industrial zones on the production of cargo and special purpose vehicles of various tonnage, electrical devices and equipment, various construction chemicals, soft polymer packaging products, ventilation, fire-fighting equipment and various metal products, roofing, automation and telemechanics systems, blood sugar measuring device (glucometer) and strips and so on. 

During the two years of the establishment of the agency, the residents of the industrial zones under its management have produced products worth approximately 5.2 billion manats, of which 1.9 billion manats were exported. In addition to the domestic market, the manufactured products were exported to several countries around the world (USA, Canada, UAE, China, Russia, Czech Republic, England, Israel, Spain, Austria, etc.) under the brand "Made in Azerbaijan".

In general, so far, 116 economic entities with a total investment volume of 7 billion manats in industrial zone projects have been granted residency status, and 65 of them have already started production. More than 6.46 billion manats have been invested in industrial zones by entrepreneurs and more than 10,400 permanent jobs have been created.