Meeting of the Working Group of the Interdepartmental Center on Economic Issues in Aghdam

Discussions were conducted in the direction of accelerating economic revival in the liberated territories, increasing the investment attractiveness of the region and ensuring stable employment.


Aghdam region hosted a regular meeting of the Working Group of the Interdepartmental Center on Economic Issues under the Coordinating Headquarters established for the centralized solution of issues in the liberated territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

First Deputy Minister of Economy, Head of the Working Group Elnur Aliyev noted that in accordance with the instructions of the head of the country, complex programs, large-scale restoration measures, including infrastructure projects, are being implemented in the direction of the development of territories liberated from occupation. It was stated that according to the I State Program on the Great Return to the territories liberated from occupation, the creation of a modern and effective production, trade and service infrastructure, the realization of industrial potential, as well as the preparation of optimal concessions and incentive mechanisms are one the main tasks.

Information was given at the event on the work done in order to accelerate economic revival and increase investment attractiveness in the liberated territories, including tax and customs concessions, expansion of access to financial resources of entrepreneurs, subsidization of social insurance fees and other concessions. It was emphasized that stimulating tools and concessions will contribute to the formation of a safe and decent standard of living in the region as well as in Karabakh, the effective use of socio-economic potential for the sake of the people's well-being, especially the improvement of the quality of human capital, the development of science and knowledge-based fields, the improvement of labor productivity and competitiveness, and the increase of employment.

Bashir Hajiyev, the deputy special representative of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, reported on the restoration and construction works carried out in the liberated territories included in the Karabakh economic region (except Shusha region) and noted the importance of private-public partnership by applying a special approach by state and private enterprises in providing employment for the population relocated in these areas.

Shaik Adigozalov, the sector head of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a member of the working group, shared his views on ensuring employment in the territories liberated from occupation. Other members of the Working Group reported on the work done in this field by the institutions they represent. The reports presented at the meeting were discussed by the members of the Working Group.

The members of the Working Group on Economic Affairs got acquainted with the projects implemented in Agdam region, including the work done in Agdam Industrial Park.