Agroparks enjoy important potential to increase wheat production

The development of agriculture is given priority in economic policy. The era of modern global challenges has increased the importance of this area even more. In order to develop the agricultural sector, the state is implementing various support measures. The infrastructure created in our country, irrigation and irrigation systems, financial support for the agricultural sector, tax benefits, as well as benefits applied in connection with the provision of machinery and fertilizers, and the provision of subsidies to grain farming create favorable opportunities for the development of this field. From this viewpoint, agroparks are an effective mechanism. Agroparks carry out rotation and re-planting, the use of seeds of high reproduction and quality, proper agrotechnical care, etc. in order to increase the production of the country's main strategic products through the widespread use of innovative methods.

Currently, the Agency for Development of Economic Zones (ADEZ) under the Ministry of Economy manages 51 agroparks operating in the country. 40 of these agro-parks sow grain with the achievement of high yields. During 2022, wheat was harvested on 41,000 hectares of agroparks, with the production of more than 152,000 tons of crops. Of these, 88.8 thousand tons are for food, 31.4 thousand tons for seeds and 32.0 thousand tons for fodder wheat. The average productivity of wheat production in agroparks totaled to 3.7 t/ha, which is higher than the national average (average for the country is 3.2 t/ha). The average yield on the area of bearing surface of agroparks of ​​21.7 thousand hectares was 4.5 t/ha. In a number of agroparks, the average yield totaled to 6-7 t/ha for wheat and barley (3.2 t/ha in the country), 12-15 t/ha for corn (6 t/ha in the country), and 80 t/ha for sugar beet (43 t/ha in the country).

It is worth noting that this year, it is planned to increase wheat crops on the areas of bearing surface of agroparks by 52 percent, or by 11.3 thousand hectares to 33 thousand hectares, as part of new support measures arising from the Presidential Decree of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On a number of measures to increase the level of self-sufficiency in food wheat”. In the next 5 years, it is predicted that the area of bearing surface will reach 100 thousand hectares, and the production of food wheat in agroparks will be increased to 143 thousand tons in 2023. This is an important contribution to the country's grain supply and strengthening food security.