Public Investment Policy

The main directions of the public investment policy  

Attracting investments has a major part in ensuring the long-term sustainable and balanced development of Azerbaijan. Among the main tasks for the future is to further improve the investment climate in the country with the aim of ensuring the required volume and quality of investment. To this end, measures will be taken:

  • to protect private property and improve corporate governance;
  • to create a more favorable competitive environment for all investors, regardless of ownership;
  • to increase the role of the state in ensuring a stable regulatory regime;
  • to further improve the regulatory framework for investment activities;
  • to improve the system of informing investors about enterprises in order to select and analyze investment objects;
  • to boost support for the development of a modern institutional infrastructure that ensures the effective transformation of deposits into investments;
  • to improve business information support, bring accounting and statistics in line with international standards 

Below are the main priorities of the public investment policy in the country:

  • to bring investment projects in line with the goals and priorities of socio-economic development, determined by medium- and long-term government programs and Strategic Roadmaps;
  • to channel investments into the development of the non-oil sector and regions;
  • to prioritize regional investment policy in accordance with modern development trends;
  • to strengthen the social orientation of investment activity in the country, and ensure the priority of investment in human capital and infrastructure;
  • to ensure the economic security of the country;
  • to prioritize areas of production based on nanotechnology and aimed at reducing the amount of carbon compounds in atmospheric emissions, while prioritizing public investment;
  • to channel public investment in science-intensive projects;
  • to increase the defense capability of the state

Key directions for private investment policy

  • to carry on measures to further increase the investment attractiveness of Azerbaijani enterprises;
  • to improve the foreign trade regime for the import of modern technological equipment to Azerbaijan for the purpose of technological reconstruction of enterprises;
  • to channel foreign direct investment along with domestic investment in export-oriented industries and industries with high added value;
  • to improve the regulation of foreign direct investment in the service sector;
  • to speed up the process of establishing accounting and auditing activities in accordance with international standards