Potential Investment Areas

Potential Areas for Investment

Potential areas for attracting foreign investment


Chemical, Metallurgical and Energy Industry

  • manufacturing domestic consumer- and export-oriented polymeric materials with relatively low energy and water intensity;
  • manufacturing domestic consumer- and export-oriented ferrous metallurgy products;
  • manufacturing domestic consumer- and export-oriented finished products from non-ferrous metals and scrap (aluminum oxides and recycled aluminum, copper, gold, silver, platinum, etc.);
  • manufacturing perfumery products;
  • manufacturing polyurethane products;
  • manufacturing various types of equipment used in the production of energy from alternative and renewable energy sources;
  • facilities for the processing of solid household waste;
  • manufacturing power equipment;
  • manufacturing plastic containers;
  • manufacturing utility equipment.


Mechanical Engineering and Production of Building Materials

  • attracting foreign investors with modern technologies and relevant know-how for the privatization of existing machine-building enterprises;
  • enterprises for the production and repair of spare parts for cars, locomotives and escalators used on railways and subways;
  • enterprises for the production and repair of spare parts for motor vehicles;
  • manufacturing building materials;
  • manufacturing medical devices and equipment;
  • manufacturing household appliances.

Food and Light Industry

  • cotton and cotton products processing;
  • wool processing;
  • leather processing;
  • establishing cocoon farms;
  • manufacturing textiles and sewn products based on local raw materials;
  • hand-woven carpets;
  • production of high quality shoes;
  • woodworking and furniture production;
  • production of historical and cultural, and national and applied handicrafts (national souvenirs, gifts, copper vessels, etc.);
  • production of containers and equipment for product packaging;
  • food production;
  • processing of agricultural products.


Material and Technical Base of the Agricultural Sector

  • projects related to cold stores, warehouses, elevators, etc. in the regions for long-term storage of agricultural products;
  • production of agricultural machinery and spare parts, fertilizers and plant protection products and veterinary drugs;
  • construction of modern feed processing enterprises and production to meet the needs of livestock and poultry farming;
  • construction of flour mills.


  • cotton growing;
  • viticulture, fruit growing;
  • tobacco growing;
  • sugar beet;
  • grain-growing;
  • establishment of seed-growing and seedling farms;
  • vegetable growing and melon growing;
  • tea growing;
  • oilseeds, olive cultivation, sunflower;
  • production of environmentally friendly agricultural products;
  • establishment of intensive horticultural farms.



  • breeding farms;
  • poultry keeping, poultry breeding;
  • beekeeping;
  • fishing;
  • establishment of pedigree-cattle breeding and dairy farms.


  • attracting foreign investors in cooperation with the public and private sectors for launching a national telecommunications satellite into orbit and developing the space industry;
  • manufacturing ICT products;
  • manufacturing digital broadcasting and receiving equipment;
  • computer technologies;
  • science and technology based information fields.



  • developing types of mountain sports;
  • resort and sanatorium, tourist and base complexes;
  • recreation centers for medical tourism;
  • hotels in the regions.