New realities of inclusive and sustainable development

With the Victory won by our brave Army under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in Chief, historical justice was restored with the liberation of our lands, and as a result, a new reality and opportunities have opened up for the inclusive and sustainable development of our country. Immediately after Patriotic War, the process of restoring our liberated territories began. Despite the fact that a year and a half has passed, if we look at the amount of work done, huge projects, airports, strategically important highways, restoration and construction work, we will notice that the process is very intensive.

Our liberated territories are of interest to local and foreign investors. There are several centers of attraction here. The special advantages of extractive industries and agriculture, which will stimulate the creation of new processing industries, are visible in Kalbajar, Fuzuli, Zangilan and Gubadli, logistics, service and trade in Jabrayil, tourism in Shusha, industry in Aghdam, traditional viticulture and wine production potential in Khojavand. Currently, the region has received a number of significant investment proposals, which is of utmost importance, as the restoration of our liberated territories and a new strategy for the development of the country require a large amount of funding. Attracting investment for economic construction will become increasingly important. So far, the Ministry of Economy has received many projects related to participation in investment-oriented and infrastructure projects from entrepreneurs wishing to operate in these areas.

A number of important contracts were concluded in 2021. Such an agreement was, for example, signed with Eti Bakır A.Ş. and Artvin Maden A.Ş., which are part of the Cengiz Holding group of Turkey, as part of the research, exploration and operation of the Gashgachay, Elbaydash and Aghduzdagh ore deposits in Azerbaijan. Furthermore, appropriate steps are being taken to commission the Shahbulag limestone deposit in Aghdam within the framework of a public-private partnership. The deposit will have an important role to play in the supply of building materials needed for the necessary infrastructure in the region. Great hopes are placed on Aghdam and Araz Valley Economic Zone industrial parks. Aghdam Industrial Park will offer wide opportunities for competitive production, processing and sale of industrial products, as well as services. At the moment, 6 residents have been registered, and 2 enterprises have been founded here. These residents are engaged in the production of solar-powered lampposts and special roofing, precast concrete products, polymer products, uniform, special and individual clothing, and various types of synthetic carpets. Currently, construction work is underway in Araz Valley Economic Zone Industrial Park, with the construction of a mobile town. The Industrial Park will serve as a logistics center for restoration and reconstruction work in the liberated territories and a logistics base for the effective use of the transport potential of the Zangazur corridor. Logistics and warehouse complexes, a TIR vehicle fleet, wholesale and retail trade facilities, various manufacturing and service enterprises are included in the plans here.

With the aim of ensuring the attractiveness of entrepreneurial activity in the region, the application of tax benefits, social insurance and other benefits is provided for the effective management of economic and labor resources in the liberated territories, and channeling them for the creation of a processing industry and service infrastructure, on the basis of the relevant decree of the Head of State. Moreover, customs and tax benefits will be specified for stimulation of private initiative, improvement of mechanisms for attracting investments, and the import of raw materials and materials for entrepreneurs engaged in production activities in these areas. Necessary actions will be carried out to increase the attractiveness of the eco-surroundings for business.

The rich resources of our liberated territories contribute to the development of a green economy, and a green energy zone is created with the use of these resources. The implemented projects will support the energy supply of Eastern Zangazur and Garabagh and strengthen the environmental health of the region. The interest and active engagement of our entrepreneurs in these projects can help enhance their competitiveness and foreign economic activity.

The liberation of our lands, thus creating new realities for our country and the region in which it is located, will have a decisive impact on the significant expansion of our transit and logistics capabilities. The restoration of a new international and regional transport and logistics corridor in the region, including the Zangazur corridor, will make new cooperation opportunities available for entrepreneurs, turning Azerbaijan into a transport and transit hub of the region. In addition, pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Islamic Republic of Iran in March 2022, it is important to establish a new communication line between the East Zangazur Economic Region and the Nakhchvan Autonomous Republic through the territory of Iran. In general, the use of the possibilities of new international and regional transport and logistics corridors will expand access to world markets, giving a serious impetus to the economic development of our country, including liberated territories.