Press tour to Aghsu Agropark

The Agency for Development of Economic Zones (ADEZ) of the Ministry of Economy organized a study visit of media representatives to Aghsu Agropark.

Director General of Aghsu Agropark CJSC Atababa Isayev made the media representatives aware of the activities of the Agropark and the work done here.

As reported, the total area of ​​"Aghsu Agropark", specializing in agriculture and animal husbandry, is 1843 hectares. Currently, about 200 permanent employees work in the Agropark, the project cost of which is 18 million manats.

In total, the Agropark contains 2,200 dairy and beef cattle. The company produces 4 million liters of milk per year. Corn, barley, wheat, peas, as well as fodder crops such as alfalfa and oats have been planted on the sowing areas of the Agropark, with the improvement of the grass cover.

In 2021, the Agropark produced 2584 tons of barley, 3143 tons of wheat, 4963 tons of silage corn, 1395 tons of grain maize, 444 tons of alfalfa, 2838 tons of milk and 66 tons of meat.

Over the last period of the current year, the Agropark produced 1389 tons of milk, 143.7 tons of meat, 2583.7 tons of barley, 3142.5 tons of wheat.

5 pumping stations and 6 artesian wells have been put into operation in the Agropark, with the installation of pivot irrigation systems on an area of ​​800 hectares that meet high standards. In agriculture, crop rotation system is used. To store the collected silage, 16 thousand tons of reinforced concrete silo wells and 13 thousand 500 cubic meters of grain storage were built in the territory. Plants with a cleaning capacity of 5 tons of feed per hour and 10,000 tons of seeds per year were put into operation in the Agropark. The products manufactured in "Aghsu Agropark" serves to meet the needs of the domestic market.