Another "Path to Success" competition winners announced

The results of the final stage of the regular career development program "Path to Success", hosted by the Ministry of Economy, have been announced. 16 out of 47 employees of the institutions that are part of the structure of, and subordinate to the Ministry, who took part in the final stage of the competition became the winners of the 2022 career development program "Path to Success".

At the selection stages, participants passed tests of abilities, social intelligence and managerial potential, took part in online and face-to-face solving business problems in a team, were assessed on relevant competencies and made presentations.

Note that the "Path to Success" competition is held at the Ministry of Economy for the second time. Like the winners of the previous competition, those who succeed in this competition will be involved in various trainings, coaching sessions and will take part in a mentoring program with the upper management of the Ministry.