Public discussion held with construction associations

Presentations of public associations representing construction field took place, and discussions were held on public-private cooperation at the meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry of Economy with construction associations.


The Public Council under the Ministry of Economy continues discussions with public unions and associations operating in the economic field. The next similar event was held with construction associations operating in Azerbaijan.

Adalat Muradov, the chairman of the Public Council, who participated in the event, stressed that the institution supports the process of ensuring public participation in the activities of the Ministry of Economy, and the discussions organized on various topics have become an important platform in this field, facilitating a dialogue between the state and the entrepreneur. The mechanisms for establishing communication relations between the council and the relevant institutions of associations were brought to the attention at the event, and the importance of cooperation between governing bodies and public associations was noted upon preparing normative legal documents.

Elkhan Bashirov, Chairman of the Azerbaijan Construction Manufacturers Association, shared his views on the development of the construction materials production sector, the issues faced by entrepreneurs operating in this field, and public-private cooperation in their resolution and stressed the importance of organizing discussions with specialized and public associations during the preparation of legislative acts and taking into account their proposals.

Ramiz Isayev, Chairman of the Board of the Union of Commercial Legal Entities "Azerbaijan Construction Manufacturers Association", informed about the current situation in the field of production of construction materials in the country, the work done in this field, the legal support measures provided to companies by public associations in the direction of studying and applying international experience.

Presentations of public associations representing the construction sector were held, the importance of the participation of civil society institutions in the activities of state bodies, public consultations and consideration of public opinion was emphasized at the meeting held in the conditions of mutual discussions. An exchange of views took place with the members of the Public Council on the directions of cooperation, suggestions were heard, and questions were answered at the meeting.