An event was held on "Application of modern resource-saving agricultural technologies"

On October 25, an event on "Application of modern resource-saving farming technologies" was held in the agropark of "Azershekar" LLC located in Jeyranchol, Shamkir region. Employees of relevant state institutions, farmers and mass media representatives took part in the event jointly organized by the Economic Zones Development Agency (EZIA) and "Azershekar" LLC.

Information was provided on the advantages of applying the "Strip till" technology, and the presentation of the "Mzuri" technique was held at the event. It was reported that this German-made equipment was used for the first time in the agricultural park of "Azershekar" LLC, located in Jeyranchol, during repeated corn and soybean planting. The advantage of "Mzuri" is that it performs 4 processes (deep softening, deep fertilizer processing, precise sowing of different types of seeds and burying of seeds with fixing wheels) at the same time. The main purpose of using this technique is to save water and fuel, preserve the fertile layer of the soil and eliminate the effects of toxic gases released into the air.

The event participants inspected the corn field planted with the "Strip till" technology of "Azershekar" LLC and the barley sowing in the grain farm.

At the end, the participants got acquainted with the process of harvesting sugar beet. It was reported that an average yield of 80 quintals is expected from each hectare of the sugar beet field covering 161.5 hectares. In total, the supply of 12,920 tons of sugar beet is forecast. This year, the "Ropa Maus" technique was started to be used for the first time in our country in the harvesting of sugar beet in the Jeyranchol agropark of "Azershekar" LLC. Thanks to the application of this technique, the harvest speed has increased by 2 times. "Ropa Maus" equipment has the capacity to harvest about 400 tons per hour.

It should be noted that modern irrigation (pivot) systems have been installed on 1500 hectares of the total arable land of the agropark of 4000 ha. This year, 166.2 ha of barley, 130.6 ha of wheat, 156.6 ha of corn, 114.9 ha of soybeans, and 161.5 ha of sugar beet were planted in the agricultural park. The average productivity of barley was 5.14 tons/ha, wheat was 5.9 tons/ha, corn was 9 tons/ha, and soybean was 2.5 tons/ha. In total, 854.3 tons of barley, 770.5 tons of wheat, and 1409 tons of corn were collected from the Jeyranchol farm of "Azershekar" LLC this year.

71 people were provided with permanent and 30 seasonal jobs in the agropark.