Event arranged for interested parties on the "SDG Investor Map"

The "SDG Investor Map" is being developed in order to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs)


The implementation of the "Integrated National Financing Framework" (INFF) joint program was started in 2020 towards achieving sustainable development in our country by the representation of the UN Development Program in Azerbaijan. Cooperation with the UNDP’s Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development is underway in order to prepare the "SDG Investor Map" within the framework of the program.

An event was held on the research of the "SDG Investor Map" and the Investment Ecosystem, and investment opportunities were presented on March 9, with the joint initiative of the National Coordination Council for Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Economy and the United Nations Development Program.

Making a speech at the event, Deputy Minister of Economy Sahib Mammadov emphasized that the fulfillment of obligations under the global SDGs is one of the important components of the state policy in Azerbaijan and noted that state programs, strategies and action plans covering social, economic and environmental fields in the country are integrated into the goals and objectives of the SDGs. The deputy minister mentioned that the partnership between the state, private sector and international organizations will contribute to the fulfillment of obligations related to the SDGs and the transition to a "green economy".

Gulcin Salingan, Deputy Director of the UNDP Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development, highlighted the role of the private sector in achieving the SDGs, as well as the research of the factors affecting the investment environment in Azerbaijan within the framework of cooperation with the National Coordinating Council for Sustainable Development. Center experts Funda Suzer and Yasemin Bitlis presented the preliminary results of the "DIM Investor Map" and the investment ecosystem study for Azerbaijan.

The questions of the event participants were answered at the end.