Compensation of damages in the amount of 23.2 million manats was ensured

A total of 435 criminal cases were initiated under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code during January-September 2022, on tax evasion by the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy, obtaining income by engaging in illegal entrepreneurial activity without obtaining special permission (license), obtaining a large amount of income by engaging in false entrepreneurial activity by selling checks belonging to new generation cash registers, on the involvement of employees in the performance of work (services) before the employment contract (contract) enters into legal force and other facts.

Since the taxes evaded by taxpayers in 62 cases out of 132 criminal cases the investigation of which has been completed, were fully paid during the preliminary investigation, a total of 11.9 million manats were paid to the state budget, taking into account the payments of previous years in those criminal cases.

During the 9 months of 2022, damages in the amount of 23.2 million manats were paid.

197 control measures were carried out in 114 taxpayers engaged in various fields of activity during the 9 months of 2022, including import, wholesale and retail trade, production, public catering, and 271 defects were discovered as a result of those measures. Financial sanctions in the amount of 1.9 million manats were applied to tax payers in the operational tax control measures, 1.2 million manats were compensated to the state budget as a result of the preventive measures taken in connection with the materials that constitute a criminal offense for tax debt and received from the tax authorities.

During the reporting period, as a result of investigative and operational measures conducted on criminal cases, 20 persons wanted for committing tax crimes were arrested and handed over accordingly. 977 persons who evaded the preliminary investigation were forcibly brought in for interrogation, 1204 persons were identified and reported to the investigation, and 460 persons were found and brought to the investigation.